1Cap interviewed by RKTnoob
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[20:23] <Pi_RKTnoob> here I am then
[20:23] <Pi_RKTnoob> Do you map?
[20:23] <[1]Cap> i dont like publicity lol
[20:23] <Pi_RKTnoob> it's okay
[20:23] <[1]Cap> in this version nop yet
[20:23] <[1]Cap> .93 yes
[20:23] <Pi_RKTnoob> and 1.1?
[20:23] <Pi_RKTnoob> lol man, you've been playing this game more than I did
[20:23] <[1]Cap> 1.1 somethimes for fun
[20:24] <[1]Cap> is very cool
[20:24] <[1]Cap> The clan does not use TS?
[20:24] <Pi_RKTnoob> I'm supposed to ask you loads of questions now, tho I'm a but hard pressed to find any good ones
[20:24] <Pi_RKTnoob> well, it has been tried, but the clan isn't very active
[20:25] <Pi_RKTnoob> Pi_Nut likes TS
[20:25] <[1]Cap> You're a great player. very fast.
[20:25] <Pi_RKTnoob> and I'm down for msot things
[20:25] <Pi_RKTnoob> thank you
[20:25] <Pi_RKTnoob> you did nice there, with the shotgun, just a bulet then cover
[20:25] <Pi_RKTnoob> very nice not to go face to face with an smg
[20:25] <[1]Cap> :)
[20:25] <[1]Cap> I am average in 1 x 1 ... do not like much, I prefer team games.
[20:26] <Pi_RKTnoob> man, I'm not any good either
[20:26] <Pi_RKTnoob> yeah, I'm fast, but that's about all
[20:26] <Pi_RKTnoob> can you tell me more about yourself, and your views towards Pi and AC
[20:26] <[1]Cap> ok
[20:26] <[1]Cap> so
[20:26] <Pi_RKTnoob> a few guys don't know anything about you, so your voting is going a bit slow
[20:26] <Pi_RKTnoob> any info you can give us will be used
[20:27] <[1]Cap> I do not speak english very well
[20:27] <[1]Cap> sometimes my sentences may be confusing .. lol
[20:27] <Pi_RKTnoob> I don't mind, as long as I understand what you are intending to say
[20:27] <Pi_RKTnoob> I'll ask for a rephrasing if needed
[20:27] <[1]Cap> \0
[20:28] <Pi_RKTnoob> there are a few questions I'm sure some members would like to ask tho
[20:28] <[1]Cap> I work with creating websites
[20:28] <Pi_RKTnoob> 1. do you play minecraft. 2. do you like cheese? 3. Do you like chocholate
[20:29] <Pi_RKTnoob> ah, a web designer, or a coder
[20:29] <Pi_RKTnoob> ?
[20:29] <[1]Cap> minercraft.. i dont have time ;) - cheese? is not good to body healt... - chocolate? yes , the black one.. 80% cacau
[20:30] <[1]Cap> the two, design and programmer.
[20:30] <Pi_RKTnoob> do you do any graphics work? do you have anything to show? I draw.
[20:30] <[1]Cap> I'll show you one of my site ...
[20:30] <Pi_RKTnoob> =)
[20:30] <[1]Cap> http://www.chocollatebrazil.com.br/
[20:31] <[1]Cap> tim not sure if u can see it out from brazil
[20:31] <[1]Cap> its Wordpress like Pi website
[20:31] <[1]Cap> PHP
[20:31] <Pi_RKTnoob> lo, it loads perfectly also girls! \o/
[20:31] <[1]Cap> html 5
[20:31] <[1]Cap> shes Grheta .. very nice woman kk
[20:32] <[1]Cap> her name
[20:32] <Pi_RKTnoob> Brazilian girls are beautifull
[20:32] <[1]Cap> is a mixture of beautiful breeds ... it worked well here.
[20:33] <Pi_RKTnoob> I read that you are looking into making some kind of a brazilian server or something?
[20:33] <Pi_RKTnoob> or maybe that was someone else, my memory is bad
[20:33] <Pi_RKTnoob> I read it on the AC forum
[20:34] <[1]Cap> do a few years I would like to make a championship in LAN - gather a people in a network and play a whole weekend.
[20:34] <[1]Cap> local network
[20:35] <Pi_RKTnoob> ah, like a lan party
[20:35] <[1]Cap> yes
[20:35] <Pi_RKTnoob> how often do you play AC?
[20:35] <[1]Cap> would be really cool!
[20:35] <[1]Cap> ever. since it began.
[20:35] <[1]Cap> ;)
[20:35] <Pi_RKTnoob> do you play every day or weekends or?
[20:36] <[1]Cap> I played CUBE. I knew then that they would launch actioncube .. followed and then I downloaded ...
[20:36] <[1]Cap> ahh
[20:37] <[1]Cap> 320 days during the year. at various times .. usually the night ...
[20:37] <[1]Cap> like 1:00 am to 5:00 am - gmt -3
[20:38] <Pi_RKTnoob> I know that jiu jitsu and capoeira are pretty popular in Brazil, do you maybe practice any?
[20:38] <Pi_RKTnoob> Also, what are your interests and hobbies outside AssaultCube?
[20:39] <[1]Cap> no .. not like "sports" contact because I think fights are not sports .. Capoeira is a game ... this is cool .. leaves the body in good shape ... no contact ...
[20:40] <[1]Cap> you can "play" capoeira and not touch the other player .. is a simulation ...
[20:40] <Pi_RKTnoob> k
[20:40] <Pi_RKTnoob> All I know about capoeira is playing tekken and watching movies XD
[20:40] <[1]Cap> need to take care of my body .. it is he who carries my mind;)
[20:40] <[1]Cap> lol
[20:41] <Pi_RKTnoob> DO you play football?
[20:41] <[1]Cap> as fighting, capoeira is not efficient. You get tired very fast when practicing.
[20:42] <[1]Cap> lol. maybe you think I'm weird ... I'm scared .. lol
[20:42] <Pi_RKTnoob> hahha, don't be, I just killed 2 guys, I'm done for today
[20:42] <Pi_RKTnoob> =P
[20:43] <[1]Cap> I do not really like competitive games, I prefer the cooperative.
[20:43] <[1]Cap> kkkkkkkkkk
[20:43] <Pi_RKTnoob> I might come down as some kind of interrogator, newspaper reporter, but I'm just trying to get a better picture of you as a person
[20:43] <[1]Cap> i know.. np  . and about you?
[20:43] <[1]Cap> im 39 yo .. and you?
[20:44] <Pi_RKTnoob> I'll probably post some of out conversation (nothing personal) and screenshots of our games, along with my impression of you in your vote thread, so other members who didn't meet you can get some kind of picture of you to help them decide
[20:44] <Pi_RKTnoob> our*
[20:44] <[1]Cap> ahh. ok. Ty for your time RKT
[20:45] <Pi_RKTnoob> so I'm just asking random questions, tho I'd feel better if you just told me a bit about yourself, as I am really short on good questions =S
[20:45] <Pi_RKTnoob> I am 28
[20:45] <[1]Cap> let me see
[20:46] <[1]Cap> I'm not married. I have no children .. I have 2 girlfriends. I like the beach. I like to travel.
[20:46] <[1]Cap> in fact, I currently work in 5 different things ...
[20:47] <[1]Cap> I have  graduate foreign trade and pos- graduate in digital marketing.
[20:47] <[1]Cap> beginning next month my masters in psychology
[20:48] <[1]Cap> i like team games .. RPG is very cool.
[20:48] <[1]Cap> I play RPG's for 25 years
[20:49] <[1]Cap> AD & D - GURPS - Vampire - Cyberpunk 2000
[20:49] <Pi_RKTnoob> what kind of characters do you play? Magic users or Warrirors or Rogues?
[20:49] <[1]Cap> I'm with my open house to welcome tourists for the World Cup.
[20:50] <[1]Cap> rogues and bards
[20:50] <[1]Cap> I live in one of the cities that will gaming.
[20:51] <[1]Cap> ]If the tourist is AC player i will not charge the stay in my house ;)
[20:51] <Pi_RKTnoob> Have you had any role models, or like, dunno, heroes you wanted to be like when you were a kid?
[20:53] <[1]Cap> I always preferred heroes with less power and more intelligence. Had few heroes in my childhood. Currently I like Batman.
[20:53] <Pi_RKTnoob> =D
[20:54] <[1]Cap> there is a story in which Batman wins the Super man.
[20:54] <[1]Cap> a Graphic novel.
[20:54] <Pi_RKTnoob> okay, I think this is enough, I'll format this conversation to shorten it a bit, and post it along with the game screenshots on the thread...unless there is something else you would like to add?
[20:55] <Pi_RKTnoob> But before oyu do, I would like to say a few words
[20:55] <[1]Cap> I like a movie called: Watchmen
[20:55] <[1]Cap> ?
[20:55] <Pi_RKTnoob> I just want to tell you, tho I am just recently accepted, I hve seen that PI is not a competitive clan, tho it does pla other clans, and that many members aren't very active
[20:56] <Pi_RKTnoob> This is just my oppinion tho, I haven't been around enough to have a lot of information
[20:57] <Pi_RKTnoob> So, how do you feel being in a clan that isn't a competitive one, and the attendance isn't vry high at this time?
[20:57] <[1]Cap> I understand .. good, I follow this clan to 2 years. are respected and more adult players .. good personality and are fair online. this is very good.
[20:58] <Pi_RKTnoob> Also, what made you deicde to apply?
[20:58] <Pi_RKTnoob> also, I typo a lot and can't spell at all, sorry
[20:59] <[1]Cap> If any member is interested we can train together. Maybe put together a line .. everything is possible. But some matchs have fun with would be great.
[21:00] <Pi_RKTnoob> k
[21:00] <[1]Cap> me a clan is just one reason to allow better meet people and have fun together.
[21:00] <Pi_RKTnoob> well, I would like to ask you to stick around here, that is, leave your IRC open, so if any other members pass by they can talk to you
[21:00] <[1]Cap> ok. ill
[21:01] <Pi_RKTnoob> your IRC should beep when someone says your name [1]Cap
[21:01] <Pi_RKTnoob> so, if anybody comes, they'll beep you
[21:01] <[1]Cap> ty . it was a pleasure talking to you.
[21:01] <Pi_RKTnoob> Thank you, the pleasure was all mine
[21:02] <Pi_RKTnoob> Also, if nobody comes today, you should drop by tomorrow, blueberry comes every day for at least an hour, Halo drops by here and there, and Rad(mousikos) should be around here somewhere
[21:02] <Pi_RKTnoob> Nut came by twice in two days, so I expect he'll show up tomorrow
[21:02] <[1]Cap> humm, nice
[21:03] <Pi_RKTnoob> unfortunately, I have only seen LameFox once, and I haven't seen anybody else
[21:03] <Pi_RKTnoob> tho, I'm here for like 5 days or something, so I don't know much
[21:04] <[1]Cap> ok. 'm in no hurry in the app. I will strive for the time it takes;)
[21:04] <Pi_RKTnoob> =D

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