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Oh it's already decided, rip. If i talk from gema side, hax jump isn't a must but helps a lot and the culture is already sat, there are thousands of gema maps and different skills, infact did you know we have a skill called double jump which you can even be faster than hax jump ? Actually we don't mind hax jump being removed since we can stay in 1.2 with our 2 private servers already. Or if we want 1.3, we can just change few lines on psychics.cpp to re-enable hax jump and re-compile so it will work (this is already done but protocol is changed so won't use it in official servers). Infact there is a project called EggCube which is a port of ac 1.1 you can use it in priv 1.2 servers. Oh if we talk about 1.1, this is the download counts of ac generally; you can see the flop after 1.2 came out. I don't mean multiple full gema servers were keeping game alive but one of the major changes in 1.2 were Assault Rifle's power nerf, Ac is a fast-paced game and you even make it slightly slower (not only talking about hax jump but also general gamespeed in 1.3). Hax jump is a skill adding movement to a game where there are almost none.

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Here's what we came up with trying to reach a satisfactory middle between opinions on this subject:
1. Context
Speaking strictly technically, haxjump is a movement maneuver in Assault Cube, that is using a bug in the game mechanics to get the player using it to reach higher height while jumping and higher speed in some cases. In broader terms, the act of it is just power playing on the game code which is done in numerous other games, in this case specifically tho, the bug was not done by design. During the time the game has been played tho, it evolved into a general use mechanic and has been used extensively in inters and a special game mode has been designed around it (gema). It is not an entry level mechanic, so most new players do not use it in pubs. Older players do use it when they go pubbing tho. Recently there was a video floating around that shows the haxjump being used to reach insane speeds to clip through walls as the player position on each frame of collision detection falls outside the wall in question. Also worth of note is that this is a special case where a map was constructed to accomplish this, there is no other way of reaching those speeds on other maps.
2. Issue / Problem
Several issues have been stated:
1. It makes inter players have an advantage over pub players
2. Players bind the jump to a key, whereafter can 'fly' over the map
3. It wouldn't fit to arcade gameplay, which is a core of AC since the beginning
4. There's a hitdrop when executing the jump
3. Options
3.a) No changes (no glitch fix)
- It has become a form of native gameplay for a lot of people
- It gives some extra dimensions to some maps regarding movement
- Gema maps don't have to be edited to remove places where it relies on the haxjump (there are a lot of maps using it)
- Gema players still have the same skills to develop
- Skilled players who can execute the hax jump will have a slight advantage in terms of movement options
- Players can bind the jump and 'fly' over the map and could have an advantage in some situations
- The speed that is reached with the jump creates hitdrops

3.b ) Implement it in a specific mode (parkour mode?) (make the jump specific)
- Gema players can still use the jump, so maps don't need loads of updates
- Gema will have no change in skills asked

- Inter players would be somewhat limited in their movement.
- Server owners decide, and they might not know what they're doing

3.c) Set max speed limit (limit the glitch)

- Haxjump can still be executed, but 'flying' over the map becomes impossible. Possibly by adding height to crouch jump instead of forward speed.
- Players can still do the jump

- Don't know if this is possible
- possibly still hitdrop

3.d) Remove the jump (delete glitch)
- No advantage for any player
- No hitdrop problems
- Fits AC's gameplay as possibly intended
- No binding
- It's a glitch that only AC has (its unique)
- makes a lot of (gema) maps unplayable
- does away with what has become a native playing style for some
- Reduces the fun factor

4. Recommendation
To come to this recommendation we consulted a few players as well as our own input, and that of the devs. To us it seems that reforming the crouch jump could possibly be a good replacement for the hax jump. It does away with some of the best arguments. Its accessible for everyone, could still be used in gema, does away with the hitdrop problem, stays true to AC as intended. Setting a max speed limit could also fix a lot of the problems associated with the haxbind. We are sad to see the hax jump go, but it seems there is no good way of fixing the issues associated with it. Even though to us the con's associated with the haxjump don't outweight the most important pro that it adds depth to gameplay. But we understand that this is a hot topic, and we need to get to a solution. So in the end we would be happy to see a controlled substitute jump.
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What would the reformed crouch jump look like?
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That's something that has to be decided yet, by the devs imo.
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Quote:We are sad to see the hax jump go, but it seems there is no good way of fixing the issues associated with it.
Is this decision final? The question is: if you are sad to see it go, WHY let it go? Why not do a community vote? Removing hax-jump entirely just because some minor issues are hard to 'fix' makes no sense.

This isn't going to make AC any better - just worse. Perhaps it will be the coup de grace - AC has had its time.

#LongLiveHaxJump   #LongLiveGema
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