Cloaca by Banditos
Myself and Snoosnoo worked on a new map. Its a ctf map, medium in size. Should do well in most cases. Its a bit of a experiment map. See the bases touch each other, but you have to go out and around to get to them. Its just something new we wanted to try. I hope you all enjoy it!

[Image: cloaca.jpg]

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Nice, this is out! I walked the map, and while I'd give a the cla base a very slight advantage it still looks pretty balanced. For some reason while I was walking aorund it struck met hat this map would be a good place for some team keep the flag.
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I would like to note that I uploaded this map to the 3 Pi public servers, so it can be voted there.
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We played this map this afternoon. 6 players CTF.
1) About the map: Very well built. Actually every thing on the map was thought out with care. At first it causes a great deal of confusion. That's because we have to go back to be able to follow the right path. I mean ... generally we go instinctively forward to the opposing base and on this map we need to go back. There are points on the map where you can shoot the opponent base without leaving your base. Very interesting. With many players it can be useful and save some flags. It has some open areas and others very restricted. Moving on the map requires many jumps to be efficient. Some angles help the snipers .. others are great locations for shotgunners. (I think shotganners will have a big advantage on this map). I consider a map for well experienced players. Because getting in and out of the bases can be very difficult.
2) Gameplay: Very confusing at first. It took us a while to figure out how to go for the other base. Actually getting into the sewer is difficult. To leave alive even more ...There are spots for campers there. Even when we managed to move to the other half of the map it was difficult to stay alive there. Almost like we had to conquer the enemy side of the map and then take the flag and return safe with cover. I have not played enough to have certainties yet. It seems to be a slightly locked map for CTF. A little slow. However the idea of the map is great and well applied. I need to play more to understand the purpose of this chosen design ... Thx for the map.

** spawn points are always facing away from the base? Do I really need to watch the clock all the time? ;)
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It's a very challenging map. I will agree with everything that 1Cap said. I had issues with the size of the ledges to get up and get the helmets, the little storm drains on either side of the bridge are difficult to get out of, and the entrance to the blue base I feel could use a reduction in the size of the pipe/valve in the center of it, and maybe a box or two for cover (sniper woes). Anyway, over all I do enjoy it. Good job.
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playing map
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1Cap, I'm glad you uploaded this demo. It showed me a lot of things about the map I was curious about. Firstly, the map is a bit confusing at first to the first time playing on it. However, I feel this is the case for all new released maps (as they aren't popular and thus take some getting use to). Also, once you start learning the map and playing it, I seen that it became more smooth for the player. Knowing the lines and the pickups made it enjoyable to watch. The balance seems quite fair and there are some fun little spots to be had to shoot in or around the enemy base.

With everything else that was said about the map, I could fix if anyone was actually interested in playing it here and there. I wouldn't mind updating at all to play a bit better, but honestly, whats the point if it isn't going to get any play time either way. If anyone is interested in playing it, let me know, I'll update, gladly.

Also, a bit of useful information, on the little huts with the helmets. Don't actually aim to go straight on to the ledge/top of the building. Aim to jump on top of the door first. Its a lot easier and far less work. Granted that way it does require 2 jumps, but I've found you can usually get it first try that way (and I suck at jumps).

I enjoyed the feedback guys and thank you for that. Like I said, if anyone is interested, I could provide an update to fix a few areas to make it more playable.
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The map is cool of course. The name is... interesting :D
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I'm glad someone brought the name up finally. The name is an old word for "sewer"

Late 16th century (in the sense ‘sewer’): from Latin, related to cluere ‘cleanse.’
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In Brazilian Portuguese, this exact word "Cloaca" means:
Channel or pipe intended to receive debris.
Sewer collector.
It also means the place in the animals where the debris comes out ... "If you understand me, kkk."
When a person talks a lot of bullshit we say something like "Close this cloaca" its like = "Shut up!" ...
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I second 1Cap's point, out here it's just used to refer to a end of some species' intestinal tract.

With that being said, I'm looking forward to trying out this map, it looks fun.
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