Moving to SDL2
Our port to SDL2 (in branch "experimental") is now about six months old.
Has anyone noticed any bugs in it? Does it build on your platform?

The current version in "experimental" is still compatible to and therefore can be played on current pub servers (except coop).

If you're new to testing dev versions, the game will insist on creating an account during the first run. You don't need that, yet, so just abort/skip it.

There is no need to report the debug messages in the console ("EVENT ...."). Those will be gone once it's no longer "experimental". To disable them right now, type /debugevents 0.

During testing you should check all functions related to keyboard, mouse, screen resolution and screen mode. If anything feels weird, please check against the latest master branch - it may be a feature and not a bug ;)

If you've noticed any problems, please state your OS, your SDL version (from clientlog.txt) and the date or hash of your checkout.

(Once we've moved to SDL2, there will be no going back - and if it doesn't build on your platform, well...)
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