Woop & HI-SKILL 1.1 servers
Since I got access to another IP address, I am now able to run more European servers.
Due to high popular demand, I'm now running more 1.1 servers.

Public (HI-SKILL ladder):
* 1.1 @ HI-SKILL: sol.woop.us 1103 (United States)
* [email protected]: idis.woop.us 1103 (France)
* ~Venus @ HI-SKILL: idis.woop.us 11030 (France) (temporary)
* ~Venus @ HI-SKILL: hlin.woop.us 13370 (United Kingdom)
* HLiN: hlin.woop.us 1337 (United Kingdom)

* sol.woop.us 9010 (United States)
* idis.woop.us 9010 (France)
* hlin.woop.us 9010 (United Kingdom)
* hlin.woop.us 9030 - X-Private with /mastermode voting (United Kingdom)
* hlin.woop.us 9040 - X-Private with /mastermode voting (United Kingdom)

* United States servers - good pings (~200ms) for players all over the world.
* United Kingdom and France servers - excellent for European players with up to 50ms ping throughout. Below 200ms for American players.

If you have HI-SKILL admin, you'll be able to gain it everywhere except the X-Private servers.

Be at the top, get ranked & compete! :)
All servers running the default binary.
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As if Drakas dosen't contribute enough...
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Nice to see more servers in 1.1! Although i don't play it that much.
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Thanks :)
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Drakas my best , i like woop server <3,

thanks for your work in AC next to several others who do a lot for the game
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1.1 and 1.0 servers have exactly the same passwords, so I'm not sure where the problem is coming from.
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Thank you Drakas! Those servers will be in used.
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Added one more!
* hlin.woop.us 9040 - X-Private with /mastermode voting (United Kingdom)
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