Banned server?

A week ago my server was listed this game

But do not arise or come to the list

any ideas?

This is the server
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PM jamz and ask him or wait for him to reply in this thread.
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(17 Jan 12, 05:31PM)DES|OpenSource Wrote:
PM jamz and ask him or wait for him to reply in this thread.

Thanks for responding.
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Hi, as "yomismo" doesnt understand english, imma try to help him.
He acquired a server recently, and it was connecting to the master server normally. Now it doesnt show up. He would like to know the reasons why.

Yomismo, si no tenias un buen maprot o estabas utilizando un mod (zombies o algo así) tambien puede ser la razon. Espera a que conteste jamz que es el master, y yo te traducire lo que ponga. Ahora me marcho, nos vemos luego!
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Gracias PaulmuaddibKa

Aver que es lo que ha pasado por que no lo entiendo.

Ya envie el MP jamz
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Has the internal IP changed so the ports aren't correct forward?

Even if he cant see the server with his external IP it doesnt not mean that it is not registered.

I can only see my serer with its internal IP on server list, but others do see it and connects.

Anyway, jamz will answer when he has the time to look it up.
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Yo se porque estas baneado pero espera a que te lo diga jamz el dueño del masterservers!

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This server was removed from the masterserver list because its name was advertising a porn site.
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a ver Perrowski conta de una vez hombre xq esta baneado el tio xd igual se sabra huashuas

ves te lo dije
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(17 Jan 12, 10:57PM)jamz Wrote: its name was advertising a porn site.

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Vale pues queda claro el server estara en version private , asi que el mes que viee pillo otro nuevo sin hacer spam aunque me parece patetica esta politica.


Y que os vaya bonito.

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Si le cambias el mensaje de bienvenida y le quitas lo de la publicidad puede ser que te lo activen de nuevo, del resto estaras baneado para siempre!
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(17 Jan 12, 05:15PM)yomismo Wrote: But do not arise

epic xD
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Ya veo que algúnos yankis estupidos se cachondean de la historia

Solo digo que si fué por una especie de "spam" vaya ! "Qué Putadón"

antes de banear un servidor dejar bien claro vuestras reglas que dejan mucho desear...

Y mucha suerte con vuestro proyecto !

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[Image: 319073031_a5043c89be.jpg]
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Is there somewhere where server owners can see the rules of what they can and cannot do?
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There are some pointers in here, but if someone thinks it's OK to advertise a porn site on the server list, they clearly aren't hosting the server for the benefit of AC players. If server owners can't apply common sense, and at least ask if they want to do something out of the ordinary, they don't deserve my sympathy when the server gets taken off the list. Also, if there was a rule which said, "Don't spam your adult services in the server name.", do you really think he would have taken any notice?
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(19 Jan 12, 05:39PM)|BC|Wolf Wrote: Is there somewhere where server owners can see the rules of what they can and cannot do?

Humm and there would be no way to restore it again?

the server is not advertising or anything like that.

If the amount was more than to provide entertainment for users ...

Go Check it goes ...
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To be honest, since I've never gotten involved into any server stuff in the past I wouldn't know if you can simply put up another new server, since I don't know your actual IP got banned from putting up servers from now on. Try asking someone else.
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