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Hello members of the community,
I write you here to inform you of a new development idea implemented in our ladder. Recently, a new server has been added to the ranks. It is hosted in France and will only allow members from Europe to play within it. Do not be offended if you are blacklisted (i am blacklisted as well from it), we are currently testing how to properly make a server that only serves members of a certain geographical region. As of right now, the only solution seems to be to BL all members of other geographic regions. If anybody knows a way around this, we would love your help. It is the goal of the ladder to provide exclusive servers to every major area of the world, so that players can compete with people of similar pings and of similar languages in regions around the world. We will still maintain multiple servers that are not as exclusive so that we all may mingle. Any qualms, questions, concerns, tips would be greatly appreciated here or on our forums. Thank you for reading and happy fragging.
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@ waffles, id love to have one around Oceania, i have a server setup. Pm me :P
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I was wondering, thanks for the clarification.

Good luck with the project.
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I dont agree with this :>
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I want to play there :<
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(14 Dec 11, 03:14AM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: I dont agree with this :>

This ^^
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I agree, there are still servers free of this "lock-out," and those servers that have the lock-out will ensure that people have relatively similar ping, know the same language, and all that other shiznizz
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all servers that have been running up to this point will continue to do so (if the hosts continue hosting). otherwise, boycott the lock-out servers! shouldn't be hard as we'll all be banned in most of them.

i'll emphasis that this is a trial run and is an addition to the ladder, not where the entire ladder is going.
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What -- is it just the stigma of being banned on a server? Meh!
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When I saw this on the serverlist I searched every BL I could find for my IP. It was a solid hour of OHSHITOHSHITOHSHI before I saw this post.
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I havent looked but maybe a note in the extended server information area (in a few languages) explaining this would be a good idea. I see your point about lag but there will be ones local to you that lag also due to wireless or just crappy connection.
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(14 Dec 11, 07:51AM)MasterKaen Wrote: When I saw this on the serverlist I searched every BL I could find for my IP. It was a solid hour of OHSHITOHSHITOHSHI before I saw this post.

It's true :P
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(14 Dec 11, 03:14AM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: I dont agree with this :>

I if I agree:)

Everyone is free to do what you want with your server, I once I was banned on a server in brazil, and they do not like the Europeans, ah and other games can only play the Europeans, and other games can only play the USA. oh yes that members of my clan are banned in the ladder and have not complained.

Edit:I hope this post is not deleted, I always delete the post

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"230 languages are spoken in Europe."

Well, atleast we can have quality games with low pings.
Thanks BoB!
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I know its a trial thing but it wont really be that fun if all the good euro players are on that server and americans like us are stuck with random noobs in a different...i like some competition in pubs :(
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This may be unpopular but i see what is trying to be achieved here, lag does spoil games and when people lag badly they should have the sense to disconnect themselves but the plain truth is they dont.

I would try auto kick for ping in excess of idk maybe 200, I can almost here the sound of people on low bandwidth connection typing posts of resentment, but honestly even with a bad connection if you cant maintain 200 ping you are going to anoy others. Also a ping system would for the most part limit it to players from a geographically simular area without teh stigma of BL...

Just my 2 cents
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(14 Dec 11, 07:32PM)DES|Anderson Wrote: I would try auto kick for ping in excess of idk maybe 200

I agree completely with this (although the ping should be lower, not more than 150)... The problem will cause lag spikes and server will kick all our players out... If someone knows how we can prevent ppl with bigger pings getting on the server, pls help us... :)
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Just a question, if you applied for a new clan, (Not that im going to lol) would you have to say im blacklisted from that server?
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Seeing as the large majority of the people are banned for no real reason but their ping, I'd say no. We are trying to find a way to incorporate maxping but it may take us a long time.
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150+ is bad? O.O

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Is England in Europe? Just want to check if I can play with Vanqu!sh :)
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England most definitely is a part of Europe. Really we're concerned with ping, not so much geography as originally stated. Sorry for the confusion. 150+ can become detrimental to gameplay pretty quickly. Most people can notice a difference even at 100+ and some of the "pros" are even scared to play over the pond because of the millisecond difference. It's an attempt to allow everyone to play in environments where they are on somewhat equal footing.
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I've played with > 400 ping before. u_u

It's been said a million times before, ping is not the biggest issue in AC. PJ effects gameplay much more.
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Doesn't high ping makes your pj shitty, thou?
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Not necessarily, although it becomes more difficult to stabilize PJ as ping gets higher and higher.
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Hmm this is cool. Does the server ban people of other countries when the come on or are they blocked by country code?
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I dont think anyone wants to exclude players with high ping or even bad PJ just allow them to play in servers where they will meet people with equal issues.

I believe the intention is to create servers where at least you can be assured of a game on an equal footing (real or believed), some kind of utopia where there are no lagers warping round the map or where the guy you just splatered all over the wall doesnt kill you even after he dies.

I personally support this, there is room in AC for both servers the intention is not to exclude but offer a new better experience for some. As has been stated the current servers will still operate and as a server owner i can assure the whole community there will always be at least one of my servers open to anyone with any ping (no cheats though)

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Hear hear andy.
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Good idea!
I'd suggest to set up an auto-kick for high ping / Pj. (in addition)

Lots of players download or suffer of a shared connection, they should be auto-kicked from the server, too. (i remember SKB thinking about this feature on his servers.)

Edit: andy has said the same thing before, sorry.

I'd set the limit at ~ 130ms - every european should have below 130ms in a french server.
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(14 Dec 11, 11:43PM)DES|Anderson Wrote: I believe the intention is to create servers ... where there are no lagers

Call dibs on the server name {BoB}Teetotaler!
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