If you could edit any of AssaultCube players nick...

Any AssaultCube player will work, retired or new, Dev or not, friend or not.

Real Nick : Nick you like to see him/her use

V-Man : A+_Scriptter
Unarmed : Noobie
X-Ray_Dog : Fox_and_Hound
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Sorry, but this seems neccessary:

Use your brains before posting! There's a difference between 'making fun' and 'being rude'. I hope everybody gets the message.

Now, enjoy!
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Mr.Floppy is right!

Use your brians and try to not get any warning points!
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V-Man: V-Spam
jamz: PB&Jammeh
Mr.Floppy: tehFloppzor

No offense intended of course. :>
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Bukz: Starbuckz :)
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Gibstick: Gibtwig

Halo: Harro
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FlowTron: MeatROme
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Duckett: Bucket
Mr.Floppy: Mr.Not_Floppy
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Yeah! Use your brians ;)
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Halo: Hallo!
Mr.Floppy: Mr.CompactDisc
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CoxA*: cocksa
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Viper: Snake
Gibstick StickGib
Mr.Floppy: Mr. CD
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RandumKiwi: KiwiWithNormulizedDistribution
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CoxA*: Thigh
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MorganKell : DrunkShimmeh
V-Man : V(iet)-nam
titi : titoJackson
Viper : Stryker
(No offense intended but)
Gibarix : Gibatrixr4kids
Vermi : Germani
Shorty : Shotty
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Bugboy1028 = Ballinboy90210
Mr.Floppy = Mr.Iphone
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V-Man: Mr.T-Man
Mr.Floppy: Mr.Hangsydownsy
Gibstick: STICKwithMEATonIT
Halo: Halo3
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X-Ray_Dog : Cancer_Dog
V-Man : G-Man
Mr.Floppy : Mr.Flaccid
Brahma : พระพรหม
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(23 Apr 11, 02:33AM)Lantry Wrote: X-Ray_Dog : Cancer_Dog

ROFL, Now where did you come up with that?

Lantry : Pantry
Waffles : Pancakes!
Boomhauer : BOOMheadshot
NightHawkd : NightFalcond
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(23 Apr 11, 07:35AM)X-Ray_Dog Wrote: Waffles : Pancakes!

I lol'd


Jason : Chas'on
yata : nota
Freddo : FreeNode
Robtics : Robotics
Godsmack :GodFACK
GenDisarray : GenBehavior
BlackFlag : WhiteFlag
MaiMeeTur : I'veGotFur
VenteX : VentHaveADateWithMyeX
Misty : PokeTrainer
Blitz : PrancerBlitzen
jamz : damnz
jiba : Freeda
Brahma : LlamaDrama
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Gibstick - Squidstick
Verse - Lyrical
DES|Freddo - odderF|SED
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Ronald_Reagan : George_Bush
Ronald_Reagan : Barack_Obama
Ronald_Reagan : Richard_Nix
Ronald_Reagan : Jesse_Owens!!!
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a_slow_old_man: as0m

\:D only kidding you are a(we)s0m(e) ;)
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I almost feel bad posting here... oh wait! No I don't!

Apollo : rAgInGfAsCiSt
Ronald Reagan : Alpha Centauri
Brahma : BandZrU
Duckett : F**kett (yall KNEW that was coming sooner or later)
pwnage : carl_hanze_likes_glass
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Mr.Floppy: Mr.USB (yeah... obvious ^^ )
Cleaner: Janitor
Haku: Hack-U
Robtics: Robtictacs
unarmed: armed&dangerous (if he's in your team ;) )
Castiel: Castle
Primevil: Dinosaur (No offence)
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unarmed: a_walking_headshot
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Cactus - ChanServ or Castiel.

(dont ask)
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Mr_Optic=Mr_Optical 1
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Kakarrot : Goku_Copy
Castiel : Cast_ofthe_Iel
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Brahma: Corona
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