Rifle Skin
I modified the new rifle skin because I didn't like the colouring of the wood, so I did a bit of editing, mostly putting it through various filters, and I think it looks much cooler. Although, this is just my opinion. If anyone wants it I'll upload it to quadropolis (or akimbo).

Here's a screenshot: [Image: 20100829112437acshinetd.th.jpg]

Download: http://akimbo.in/forum/viewtopic.php?t=599&f=13

Pl0x comment & rate.

Added some colour to the skin: [Image: 20100829220938acminestd.th.jpg]

It looks a lot like the original, but faded and with older metal. Me <3s effects. Might actually do some real image editing now though.
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Looks nice!
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Now it looks like the wooden part is granite now :D
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how is desaturating the texture and augmenting contrast a cool effect?
but i agree, the carbine atm is not very nice
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i want it :D lol, could you upload to akimbo please?
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Kirin - because the wood is ugly. I even experimented with making the metal parts look rusty. I could upload a version with rust too, but I like my modification, even though, as you say it's just messing with the skin. Might add a bit more colour to the wood, to make it still look slightly like wood.

Uploading to Akimbo now, I'll edit the post and add a download link in 5 mins.
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I like wood. Mmm.
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the carabine original skin doesn't look cool, they can do better wood efect... and i don't like yours too, because you just modified the actual skin and didn't created your own. I don't see where your modification are better than the actual one... try do better dude ! ;)
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Deathstar, it's not the wood, just the colouring of it. If someone can provide a UV map I'll happily make a texture. I just can't seem to get the UV map right in my software (mm3d).

(It keeps adding the hands in with the gun on the map)
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@ strato if u are on windows then
get lithunwrap it`s free


u can export the uvmaps as *.bmp`s

If u are on linux, well hf with blender am still noobing around with it :P
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Looks great bro ;)
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