who is larry_chester?
Some massive troll claims to have made all of the official maps. He also insulted me a lot and claimed to be a lawyer, therapist and other things. I know he's lying but still, nobody's that stupid.
Here's the screens:
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Next time try
/ignore cn
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Who is ZS/Horse ?

Edit: why do you ask who he is when you say you know who he is in dem screens??????
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<15:54:27> "larry "6 million more" chester": http://imgur.com/a/awRk0
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(20 Nov 16, 04:55PM)Vanquish Wrote: <15:54:27> "larry "6 million more" chester": http://imgur.com/a/awRk0

You managed quite a bit, but you missed quite a few. Good luck next time.
And that's not even the worst of it. I mean, you managed to screencap the least offensive things I said to that sad excuse for a human being. For the love of Satan, if you're gonna screencap two trolls fighting each other at least capture something good.
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my english is very very poor or it's very ofencive? or both?
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