List of internet sites you MUST AVOID!
List the reason to avoid.....

The spam websites or FRAUD websites will try to take over our $$$$!

Spam websites will fit into these caterogires:

1) Offering to protect your computer for free?
2) Telling you you get free prizes for free
3) Telling you you won a lot of money for free

Notice, do not post the website itself!
First report:
Purpose: to win the prizes that never exist in first place ( Stealing address/credit card info )
Every reload, the slots is in same place.
Every time you have 2 slots left, you won the jackpot!
Every reload, there are only 2 stories of the winner. is ABOLUSELTY blank page.
Site from where leaded: BY the FORCE against consist of the user
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"Site from where leaded: BY the FORCE against consist of the user" - This is most likely a problem on your end. Check your computer for malware? It's also possible that you mistyped '' and instead went to some site that redirected to the scam.

Also: It is silly to keep a list of scams we may run into. There are more of these than we will ever have the time to list here. People just need to learn basic safe-browsing habits.
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Notorious time-waster site. Avoid at all costs.
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you have malware installed on your computer from downloading something. the website popped up while you were browsing youtube(read: unrelated to youtube), and it is hilariously obvious that you've entered your details into the popup.

this thread is pointless but gives me something to laugh at.
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This thread will be really helpful 15 years ago.
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Click it before times runs out!

[Image: tumblr_lfem4eFLnx1qbbpaoo1_400.gif]
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Haha, yeah, seriously, if we sit here listing all the sites you shouldn't go to, we'll never get anything else done. Just use common sense, or if you don't have any, install Web of Trust or something.

And if you've been actually *using* a site like that, definitely check for malware. It's just a 10-15 minute job, just install Malwarebytes and run a quick scan. It's not comprehensive, but it'll get just about everything and it's a good way to check if you have any infection in the first place (if you don't know how else to tell). Make sure it's updated to today's date before you scan.
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I'd highly recommend scanning your computer with Microsoft Security Essentials:
as well as MalwareBytes Anti-Malware:
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Bear in mind that Microsoft Security Essentials *is* an antivirus application (not simply a malware remover) of the sort that should not be installed alongside another. That means if you have Norton, McAfee, AVG, Avast, etc., you should not install MSE unless you want to uninstall what you have currently.

If you want a one-off malware scanner from Microsoft, use these:
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i recommend to download SUPERANTISPYWARE

yes it is the name of the program and i have it and it is pr0
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Under all Circumstances, avoid!
It will eat your soul completly!
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(01 Apr 12, 03:19PM)Dementium4ever Wrote: Under all Circumstances, avoid!
It will eat your soul completly!

[Image: youdontsaymscfqfj.png]
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And don't install any software that uses the Comic Sans font for the license description. I have actually encountered this and later confirmed that it was malware.

Strangely enough you had to accept the fake license for the malware to be installed. Why not just install it when I ran the installer?

Whatever, I dodged a bullet on that one.

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(01 Apr 12, 07:41AM)jockskratos Wrote:

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Aff avoiding viruses and scams is easy. Get Adblock and use Google Chrome or a mod of it like Iron. Then what you got to do is block lots of sites using the lists. Next download PeerBlock and download the ads list in it and the P2P list if you torrent stuff (blocks known feds and ip gatherers). Then get some common sense.
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Here's an idea, use common sense when it comes to spending money and don't use Windows when downloading random shit from sketchy websites.

also, if you need this thread to tell you this shit, you're a fucking retard
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Surprising, not a virus. But is some serious WTF?!?
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