Netiquette - IRC/Forum - Private Messages
I do not like people who just send me a PM with some bull they could just as easily ask anybody else.

If you do so, you'll only manage in putting your name on the "be wary of.."-list in my head.

If you have an established relation to me personally, then you can "PM"-me (private message) - if it is something that needs to be kept "under wraps" (secret) that may (stress that: it may) be an excuse.

I delete PMs I didn't ask for without reading them if their title doesn't seem worth even one look and after a quick confirmation of "yes, bull - *sigh*" at the latest.

I guess some people will now think me elitist or whatever - but if I take the time to take every newcomer to the game by the hand to get them going I'll never get any of the work done that will (hopefully) benefit the entire community. So, please understand that it's not really anything against you personally, it's just protecting me from getting lost in minor details that - as I said initially - can be dealt with just as well by anybody not totally fresh to our community.
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