Hey AC!

How is everyone? Seems I have missed a lot of stuff recently. Stop by say hi, let me know the recent shit.

regarding this:
I don't really fancy talking to myself for an hour anymore ;)
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hello,you did not missed much :)
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Hey Draul!

ACWC is going on right now, UK is looking strong, but I'm secretly holding out for BeNe to take it. Gotta show love to the young guns. Pub servers can be a bit slow for me during the week, but that could be a timezone thing. Inters still seem to be pretty frequent, but I've been busy with real life and haven't had as much time over the last six months to play AC.

Hope you're good mate, will you be around for some pub games soon?
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This cunt guy
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Hey buddy

I've had a long break, the clan site and servers are still up (I think lol) but I was busy playing Rocket League, Overwatch, doing a playthrough recording of NOLF but tonight I'm about to connect for some games. :D
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was happening g-thang
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Ok so I connected and there were only two games active, one crapmap looking thing and one ctf on a mod of ac_shine with a Christmas color theme. That was cool. And then it moved to ac_ingress and everyone fuckin quit by the time that game was over, I don't know what it is with ingress. So now I'm going to play some Rocket League but it was nice to play a bit. Maybe it'll be better when it's not 2am in U.S. lolol
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