a new thought .
I will be frank and honest here this is what I see.

Lucas .......... You need to be more friendly and perhaps realise that your not the only person in AC trying to do his bit. So less of the defence stuff.

You should be more transparent. I was led to believe you had taken over Jamz position.

So what ever the case maybe.... Enough of this in public. I am what I am a welsh dwarf. How tall are you ?
Until then happy games in AC ..........Like I do every day meeting the people who play every day xd

I do not want to offend anyone here. But this is not the place for this discussion........ tho for the unenlightented we are learning more lol
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Xd. Vector interesting idea. If it works im ready to be adopted as someones personal nub :PPP
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(06 Feb 16, 06:49PM)Mise Wrote: Scrubs such as yourself and subby?

Good idea mate, Vec can I apply for the £250 as a noob? You heard it from the ultrapro I'm a scrub.
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guys guys

it aint about the money

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