Assaultube Origins
Does anyone know how AC came about ?
I mean who started the project ? Did it port from another game etc. Who sat there and thought "Yes that is what I am going to do over the last week of my holidays".

I am just curious, thinking about how facebook came about and it got me thinking of Ac.
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You should ask Devs for that
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#3 has some development history lists the original developers more from the cube family creator of the original engine developed the original engine into what it is now, also creator of the enet library lists the team of 2006 (when the name was changed to Assaultcube)
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Thanks to you both, lots to look at there. Some I already know.
But for me is this "When did the moment arrive when AC was thought of and what then , who was involved etc"

sorry for this edit......
But who said what to who and who said lets do it ?
Lets get this up and running.
Would be nice in a blog on the website I think.
boring I am I know xd
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probably in some IRC channel :P
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haha mpx you muppet xd
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driAn actually started it to build up something big to pay his game debts.

No seriously, it started as a really great idea, and then it's ended like it is nowadays
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hmmmmm can someone collate all of this and maybe create a page on the website maybe.
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