Leaving AC
(16 Jul 14, 09:47PM)Waffles Wrote: link me your books

I can't, they'll be published on November. All I can say is that the first one is about a war and a hero blablabla, titled War Chiefs.

The second one is a thriller-horror thing, called LaRue.

(16 Jul 14, 10:54PM)Skinny-Dog Wrote:
(16 Jul 14, 04:36PM)Andrez Wrote: Just curious, what are you going to study?
Hmm, I'm studying Civil Engineering, so I can say there are many 'jokes' about architects, since these categories are rivals as hell. :D

(16 Jul 14, 11:49PM)Nightmare Wrote: Some people do care, though. It's better to know 'that guy is busy with college' rather than 'what happened to that guy?'
Not really, unless it's someone who really contributed to the game (KansLoze Clown, Apollo, Brahma, Meatrome, etc...) no one will really think 'ehy, where did Andrez/Nightmare/Skinny-Dog/anyotherbesidessomecases go?'

(17 Jul 14, 12:40AM)killerjoe Wrote: No need for the nagative comments.
It didn't mean to be negative, moderators have a different point of view. It was the truth.
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We said good bye
He hasn't left

Feel free to PM me if you have an issue instead of creating a new thread to rage.
Thanks. <3
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Skinny-Dog Wrote:Just quote this message and edit one of my posts and add this if you can :)

All right the time is now, I'm leaving right now but tomorrow is the real day... I will face a new change in my life...

Here a music for my retirement :')
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