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[3rd Place] +BRA+ vs LA|
We can play 16:00 GMT -3 (Monday)
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We'd like to play next weekend, preferably Friday, most of us will be busy during the weekdays of the upcoming week :)
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What about Sunday? I can't on Monday.
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Any news here?
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we are waiting for you brazucas :)
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i can play most days next week except wednesday :)
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We would appreciate it if anyone from the Brazil team could show some interest, we'd like to finish this match as soon as possible so the cup officially ends :)
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i dont understand why the 3rd place final was after the culminating match

brazil where are you
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Brazil forfeits? Kkkk

Who is on brazilian team? Igc piton dark ?
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I think Dark is MIA. IGC and Piton are still active. I think the +BRA+ team will be STK's team for the Gold B} League.
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Both teams have to play the match before Sunday. If this doesn't happen, the most active team (Latin America at the moment) will win this.
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Is condy even in that BRA team?

Cba tocheck their full team ^^
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IGC, PiToN, BrutalSys'', .Dark, LeKo
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So i assume LA got 3rd place?

If that's the case, congratulations :)
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BRA where were you lol; this is just pure silliness
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The referees and I have discussed this situation at great length. The final has been played promptly and since then, a new version has been released and a new league has been organized. We simply can't let this match deadline stretch any further, you've had almost a month, and we've only seen LA make some attempt at arranging a game - therefore the decision has been taken to award them the default win and thus 3rd place. We would rather that this game had been played, but given the extreme amount of time taken to do such a thing we feel as though we can't extend an entire tournament just for this.

So, congratz LA| and well played +BRA+.
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