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Volunteers for referee?
Currently the list of referees is as follows:
- BigBen
- [email protected]
- Oracle
- SercartY
- Million
- yopa
- Robaum
- EndGame

They've done a great job so far, especially SecartY and [email protected]
To be honest I'm not sure if BigBen is still a referee (haven't really seen him ref a match yet), [email protected] I know is not always free to referee due to other commitments, and my availability to play AC will be severely constrained starting next week, so I'm posting this to see if we can get any more volunteers for referees.
It's not very hard at all, you just have to be present in the server with the ACWC client and take all the necessary screenshots and demos to post in the match thread. You also have to make sure all competitors are using the ACWC client.
Note that now players who were on teams that were knocked out in the qualifiers can now be referees (for example, Million was recently added as referee, even though he was on France team B).
Ideally we'd like to get some people from different regions to maximize coverage.
Some ideal regions would be the following (with some possible suggestions in parentheses)
Oceania (DrauL?)
USA/Canada (probably just 1 more, since we have SecartY in Canada)
Latin/South America (maybe somebody from team SA? EndGame?)
Europe (again, probably just 1 more, since we have [email protected] and Million in France)

Hope to get at least a few more additions with this post, thanks.
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I guess I could if I'm allowed to.. I was originally a ref 'til I was signed up on a team. The team got knocked out by usa, and idk if I'm allowed to ref now?
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I was able... now it's too late sorry.
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I'm from SA , if u want :D
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:-D I would happily be a ref but just weekend. too much work during week :-/ I don't know if that's fine for you guys.
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Asked vanquish, and he said that would be fine.

Welcome, Robaum, yopa, and EndGame. :)
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i would if i could take screenshots and demos without my ac crashing:p
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I am never up for the games. Aus team usually conforms to the other teams optimal time and with a referee in that timezone should be fine.
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