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ACWC 2013: 2nd Round
After a week's hiatus of the sexiest annual tournament in AssaultCube, we are happy to announce that this week's games will run exactly as planned.


  • 1st round will be played on ctf ac_gothic, tiebreaker is ctf ac_urban.
  • Before each game, we'll check if everyone is using the acwc client released by lucas here.
  • Games should be played on official acwc servers (you can find them here)
  • Each team should agree on a day and a time to play against each other, and inform us about what you decided on this thread, or simply pm an admin or a referee.
  • From now on, matches can and will only be played as 3vs3, due to recent problems. If your team isn't able to gather 3 players on the day you fixed, you can either try to fix another day/time as quickly as possible, or forfeit.

United Kingdom - UK vs Latin America - LA|

Serbia - SRB| vs France - Fra|

Germany - .de vs Brazil - +BRA+

USA Team A - USA| vs Australia - +AUS+

You can start playing qualifiers any time from now until Sunday 25th.
Please use a separate thread to organize your matches.

Good luck, everyone !
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