Cubescript exemple for modification documentation reference
The topic allow to modificate and the intention of these examples is to teach newbies how these parts of CubeScript work

result R
  • Sets the result value of a CubeScript block .

  • Example:
    alias "supergun" [result (at "cut pistol carbine shotgun submachine-gun sniper assault-rifle - grenade akimbo" (curweapon) )]
    echo (supergun)
    Output:It show the gun you use .
  • see also: execute, return 

if cond true false
  • Controls the script flow based on a boolean expression.
  • Example:
    if (> $x 10) [ echo x is bigger than 10 ] [ echo x too small ]
  • Comment:
    If you make several condition on the variable curweapon ,you can use result [at (. . . . .) (curweapon)
  • see also: result 

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