Should we ban this server?
Name: DES|sTrOnDA|VL
Ban Reason (Not possible on his server) Tagabuse and Admin abuse (i have screenshots of that) and i am in dyh, and so i want to report him for tagabuse and admin abuse, I DONT TOLERATE ADMIN ABUSE! I want this server taken down and him CBL'D
Screenshot of admin abuse:

IP of server and sTrOnDA
ServerPort: 28763
( posted by Jg99 )

Is this actual DES member? if not, then I think this server should be takes off the masterserver.

You agrees with me?
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Have you contacted DES about this. it might be worth confirming with them first.
Or even a PM to Stronda.

if it IS tag abuse/admin abuse then yeah, why not ban him.
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That dude is reported to blacklist thread a lot using DES tag.
I have a screen of him in his server using DES tag.

I to want his server and him in the CBL.

Blacklist Report of him

The problem with him is that his IP change a lot.
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