Website Design Competition
Hey all. Was just thinking of maybe an idea of who has the best Website competition. We are all big about who can play the best and who is the most acitve clan around, but I was thinking who has the best web site.

Let me know what you guys think bout the idea. Or post a link to your website

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Clan #Rp| Rapidez e precisão (Rapidity and precision)
Site in stage of completion.
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AC Italian Website (almost complete)

Extreme simplicity + AC Official website inspiration = FTW!
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HAHAHAHA Very nice guys. I think that we need to get some people in here to either talk about these sites and/or grade them in so many words
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Are we talking websites that have been designed by the clan members or just the clansites in general? There's a lot of generic free forum clansites out there.
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Well its up to the person. But lets just say the sites have to be Highly Modified. Even the free ones you can usually modify a lot. So just post what you think :D.
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Here a site I built up from the ground: (I'm maybe gonna make a Wordpress-theme of that) has been modded by me...

For have i also styled.
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ive always thought the iOD site is pretty good..

i really like the FmC one to, nice job :)
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