Should new AC version keep/restore support for 32-bit Mac?
@Boomhauer It sounds like the bigger issue is that the third-party libraries that AssaultCube depends on are generally only being released as a 64-bit release now. So, if I understand it correctly, then those libraries would have to be compiled from their sources in order to create a 32-bit version for use by a 32-Bit Client.
Once this is done, that creates another problem as libraries get updated - because in order to depend on the updated versions, they would again have to be compiled once they are updated. This creates some fragmentation among versions because they will always be using the AC version of the library and, potentially, not the most updated one.

It really is a lot of work to include something that may not ever help a single user, that will simultaneously make using the most up-to-date libraries untenable.

Generally, I don't think you are excluding anyone on a 32-Bit system....
I think at this stage of the game they are excluding themselves. Even Google Chrome doesn't release 32-Bit versions anymore.

I do have one toaster lying around that is strict i386. Shame on me if I waste my time trying to play AC on it, though. xD

Just my nickel on it...
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