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[Match Thread: Round 1] France vs Germany
Official Match Thread
France vs Germany

Map Pool: depot, lainio, werk, gothic, elevation
The teams should take it in turns to blacklist a map from the pool until only one remains. That map is then played on both sides.

Time and Date: 5 July, 18:30 GMT
Both teams should contact each other and arrange a time to play. If the match is unplayed at the end of the deadline, the team that made the best effort will advance at the directors’ discretion.

Twitch Stream VOD:
On Air Talent: Marti and HoeHunter

Referee: Vanquish
Once you have a time set and way of contacting each other, post it in this thread so a referee can be provided.

Results: FRA 2-0 GER
[Image: iGWC47R.jpg]
[Image: 1J0kZXR.jpg]
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[Match Thread: Round 1] France vs Germany - by HoeHunter - 19 Jun 16, 04:56PM