Servers with unconverted map configs
I'm not asking for a year-ban. I'm saying, someone who can't be bothered to fix his shit for over a year, can't expect anyone to rush to get him back on the list.
Also, you are not supposed to check all 400 akimbo maps - but you are supposed to check the maps, that you put on your server. If this is a surprise for you, you should not be running servers.
Halo, take a deep breath. No one says, that if there is an unfinished map or broken config on a server for a while, that that server will be gone for a year. No one is setting up laws here and then enforces them to the letter. You've been here long enough to know that.

I don't get it. How is this even grounds for a debate? Servers who deliver broken content that causes errors on clients and results in broken maps being played - and show no intention of fixing it for over a year - are being defended here? Seriously?

Btw: the errors on ac_tanglewood probably only occur on clients who use profile directories and are caused by a limitation of the game. I'll fix that for the next version - but for now, you'll have to find a different solution. Akimbo will probably not detect that kind of error. Basically, it's not possible to use a path like "packages/models/mapmodels/zero/ac_tanglewood/bulletinboard/../../../../../textures/nieb/planksold0001.jpg" because "packages/models/mapmodels/zero/ac_tanglewood/bulletinboard/" is inside the profile directory, whereas "packages/textures/nieb/planksold0001.jpg" is in the game install directory and you can't get with "../../../../.." from one tree to the other. For now, the only solution is to repackage the texture with the model.
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