Servers with unconverted map configs
Lucas, the main issue is from maps who use official contents that moved, or use unofficial contents that became official during the 1.2 transition, like the Ivy model. For a reason I don't know, when we get the map from Akimbo, many models and textures are missing. This bug appeared for ac_sylang when we wanted to test it with Nightmare, today I figured out where the issue comes from and how to "fix" it, when you already have the map or another version of the map with a .cfg, if you /getmap it from Akimbo, the client will not launch the .cfg. To fix it you have to delete the map from your files then to /getmap a fresh Akimbo version of the map, then it's fine. So I suggest the autopackager, when a map is not the same version of Akimbo's version, should detect it, delete the map files and download a new one.

Also, to avoid all these modified map versions, I think a sort of protection similar to official maps should be applied, not everyone should be able to save a map downloaded from Akimbo under the exact same name, because it leads to confusions even for the original mapper itself to know which version is the good one and also, it will reproduce the same bug with the autopackager again and again.

To Stef, just stop over-reacting, it takes AC admins years to ban an adverted admin abuser tyran, but when it comes to broken map configs nobody ever complained of, you ask for a sneaky one year ban to those server owners, what about taking in consideration what the forum says? You look like you just use the forum as a way to spread your informations but never to learn anything from the game you are working for... Plus you are not the one who will have to deal with the server owners who will come complain on the forum because their server got banned mysteriously, and you are not the one who is going to fix and verify the 400 Akimbo maps, all you do is giving repetitive work to people who have enough of it.
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