Private/match server connection menu
This was posted a while back in the script requests, but has become outdated and I think people could use this instead of typing out connects in pubs, so I hope it's helpful(not my idea, so you know).

Provides quick access to many private servers that can be used for matches.

[Image: KRTd9.png]

Append the below script to your autoexec.cfg

You can then access the private server list by typing:
/showmenu "Private Connects"

Or alternatively by binding to a key, for example P

/bind "P" [showmenu "Private Connects"]

//Private connects menu
newmenu "Private Connects"
menuitem "BCFH" [showmenu "BCFH"]
menuitem "legacy" [connect 9999 match]
menuitem "Mewtwo" [showmenu "Mewtwo"]
menuitem "MyS" [showmenu "MyS"]
menuitem "oNe" [connect 8010]
menuitem "Server Of Justice" [connect 20000 match]
menuitem "TyD" [connect 21000 match]
menuitem "w00p" [showmenu "w00p"]
menuitem "TaS league servers" [showmenu "TaS League"]

newmenu "BCFH"
menuitem "Helvete" [connect 3040 war]
menuitem "Skyrim" [connect 28763 war]

newmenu "Mewtwo"
menuitem "Mewtwo 8888" [connect 8888 match]
menuitem "Mewtwo 7777" [connect 7777 match]

newmenu "MyS"
menuitem "MyS Match #1 GER" [connect 21111 match]
menuitem "MyS Match #2 GER" [connect 22222 match]
menuitem "MyS Match #3 GER" [connect 23333 match]
menuitem "MyS 3333 |Match| GER" [connect 3333 match]
menuitem "MyS 4444 |Match| GER" [connect 4444 match]
menuitem "MyS 5555 |Match| GER" [connect 5555 match]

newmenu "w00p"
menuitem "hlin 9999" [ connect 9999 match ]
menuitem "hlin 8999" [ connect 8999 match ]
menuitem "hlin 7999" [ connect 7999 match ]
menuitem "dula 9999" [ connect 9999 match ]

//TaS league
newmenu "TaS League"
menuitem "MyS" [showmenu "MyS"]
menuitem "oNe" [connect 8010]
menuitem "TyD" [connect 21000 match]
menuitem "w00p" [showmenu "w00p"]

If you have any other private servers or as servers go up/down please notify me and i'll update the script.

CREDITS: From memory the original script was done by DrauL, i've simply edited/added and removed some connects.

UPDATE: Have added a submenu with the servers allowed in the TaS league.
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