AssaultCube 1.3 Lockdown-Edition BETA-3
(02 Nov 21, 09:30AM)YesWeCamp Wrote: set to 100 every new map. I use double screens which somehow made my regular gamma too dark. This seems to affect AC only. I have to adjust it to /gamma 300 everytime I start playing in AC 1.2. In AC 1.3 I have to change it not only once when I start up, but with every map. It's a little inconvenient for me, especially when playing matches, because then I would first have to adjust gamma or bind the cmd and hit it everytime.
Remark: "gamma" command changes gamma only temporary, to next map start.

gamma only temporary.

set gamma value for this map.

set default gamma for maps without own default (non-persistent).

check Video settings

(02 Nov 21, 08:57PM)YesWeCamp Wrote: Also a lot of maps don't load properly, saying I'm running an older version.

Not a problem with beta3, these are outdated servers that owners need to update.
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