you may want to know something
i thought about it before opening this thread, but since i dont see other solutions, and some people are just not open to dialogue and clarification, i have to do it. today we will talk about Medusa, a moderator of this forum and admin on many servers in game. im going to give you some precious informations, read everything carefully and make your own conclusions.
i once was in good dealings with this person, and we often PM'ed each other about cheaters in game. when i was not sure if someone was cheating, i asked for her opinion, instead of reporting while not sure. she was calm and gentle.   
around May 2017,  i met w00p|Sanzo in game, we talked about AC things and how to ban cheaters more effectively. even if something seemed suspicious, i gave him my aCKa admin pass in good faith (my fault, i admit) trusting him and thinking that perros (owner of aCKa servers) would not have had any problems with it. some days later, i discovered that this person was not the real w00p|Sanzo, he was benson/sossa impersonating him and trying to get admin passwords ( you cant imagine how well he trolled me. even if i thought he was the real one, i managed to get screenshots of the entire conversation between me and him, for having an additional security and why not, because today you are never sure of something, knowing of how many trolls there are (also, they would been useful if perros wanted to see them).
lets go back to Medusa. i was playing in a pub, she joined and she started offending and raging at me, without any questions, just accusations. i didnt even know why, at that moment. i was like "hey, what's happened?". she started saying that someone used my admin pass on aCKa servers. i immediately understood that she was referring to the w00p|Sanzo thing, and told her to stay calm, because i had all the evidence she needed about the fact that i've been trolled. she didnt wanted to listen me, and she continued with the insults and with her poor mannered behavior. she was so agitated. again, i told her, "im gonna send you the screenshots even right now, if you want". she told me to do it (obviously not trusting me and thinking that i was inventing something to "protect" me by calling me a liar). i immediately went here on the forum, uploaded my 25-30 screenshots of proofs on imgur, and i've sent them to her in a PM. do you want to know what's happened? its happened that she never replied to that PM. not a reply, not a "sorry", nothing of nothing. since this moment, she started disconnecting from AC servers as soon as i joined they, to avoid me. but this is nothing. she even started to ban me from servers, but not with normal votes, she started banning me in a way that other players in the servers cannot see it, very subtle. when i entered a server where she was here, she went afk for few seconds, i get disconnected and cannot join again without changing IP (all the other servers were fine). i asked around if its possible, and people told me it is, and they said its not even so hard to do it. i lost the count of how many times this is happened, so i highly doubt it is a coincidence. you heard it right, she banned me many times without letting other players in the server see it/vote/decide. she made so many mistakes that i could continue until tomorrow if i want. some days ago she intentionally teamkilled with me a headshot, i said nothing, and when few minutes later i -accidentally- teamkilled her, she kicked me (1 tk). she then started treating bad my closest friends too, ketar and boxer, and they will have a lot to say too, in case someone will not trust my words. Pi_boxer's been kicked from her too, and called "idiot" with no reason at all. yesterday we reach the top, see the following images: - apparently now im a cheater too. she even removed again my admin pass on aCKa servers (yesterday) with no reason at all. now it will take like another month to me for contact perros and ask him for a new one. this moderator is doing whatever she wants and in servers that are not even of her property. its a never ending abuse. i strongly recommend you reader to reconsider what do you think about this person, especially KH clan, that just accepted her (what a pity!)
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