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(13 Sep 16, 09:27AM)grenadier Wrote:
Quote:Right-click Nade throw does not work as it should throw a quick nade. It throws (complete animation) similar to left click throw.
Feature, it was weird/ugly/too much unnatural, so return to older behaviour.

I can understand the intention behind removing Right-click nade, but...
I think it is slowing down the game-play/Pace of the game. I can understand that removing Hax jump is good decision, but is it good for everyone/every player ? No, it is good for new/inexperienced players as they get to play a fair and slow paced game, but what about experienced/Higher level of players, who learned these tricks and game-play movements on certain maps to make it fast paced and more exciting ? By removing right-click nade, you are removing two extra features (1. Less time to shoot nade by reducing the animation time and 2. The distance nade travel which is getting reduced). This changes the shape of LSS matches and game-play completely. Either keep the long animation or Nade distance. Removing some of these features are making the game more linear, game is becoming less dynamic.

You cannot please everyone (Experienced and inexperienced players)..

Or can you ?

You can do it by adding a new difficulty level feature in the new game i.e. 1. Normal Level 2. Superman Level.
Keep these old features in the Superman Level and you can add more advance features which could have a learning curve. And Remove these features in the Normal Level. Everyone's happy...

Normal level players could only connect on normal level Servers...and Professional level players could only connect on Professional level of servers.

What do you think ? I can adapt to these new settings, but it would take time...what about other players ?
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