Where do you play AC?
The next release of AC will have a personal ID system. Basically, you create an ID with your game client and then use it to play online. Since there's going a fair amount of randomness into the ID, no one can recreate it. It will never be transmitted anywhere. It will reside in your personal profile directory on your harddrive, protected by a password.

For the basic setup, where one player has one gaming PC with no public access to the machine, the ID should be safe. Some more provisions prevent simple attacks from evil little brothers.

However: you need to be able to trust your PC. When you start the game, the ID will be unlocked with the password and remain in memory until you quit the game - which means, a hacking tool running in the background will be able to read out your ID. Also, it is fairly easy, since AC is open source, to create a modded client that steals your ID.

So, the basic setup is safe - but in which situations do you run AC?
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