Hardware requirements of future releases
Can I ask a pertinent question.
This new version of AC.

What resources is it going to need. I mean its ok you and your nice puters in france etc .
But what about the original ethos of AC ( dial up xd) This game was developed along the same lines as Ubuntu ( To be available to all ) and we are failing !!!!!

All I see is nice kids kicked for lag. Can we have an idea what this new version will mean, in respect of lag for someone who lives in brazil or god forbid MPX land xd.

What are your intentions with this game............
1. Is it for easy access. meaning people with low end computers, and lets face it we do not all have fibre optic connections.
2. Are you trying to do something that you have not asked us users what we want.

Sorry but I play this game everyday and I am worried now about this .
So if we do not like your updates of AC what then ? We all need to discuss what we want from this .........it is not the devs choice here....... We are the players . The ones who play everyday.............ITS OUR GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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