Why is AssaultCube AntiCheat still not open source?
Last time I asked a dev this question he told me that it's so cheaters can't code around it. But seriously how hard is it to cheat in AC? Easy as ....

From the AC source:
If you read README.txt you must know that AC does not have cheat protection implemented.
However this file is the sketch to a very special kind of cheat detection tools in server side.
This is not based in program tricks, i.e., encryption, secret bytes, nor monitoring/scanning tools.
The idea behind these cheat detections is to check (or reproduce) the client data, and verify if
this data is expected or possible. Also, there is no need to check all clients all time, and
one coding this kind of check must pay a special attention to the lag effect and how it can
affect the data observed. This is not a trivial task, and probably it is the main reason why
such tools were never implemented.
This part is here for compatibility purposes.
If you know nothing about these detections, please, just ignore it.
So the anticheat is no offical part of AssaultCube. Fine! Why is it compiled into the released versions then? But that's not the question. The question is why is it not open source? Why are we not allowed check what the thing is doing? Why it sometimes bans not modified clients for speedhack? Why are we not allowed to check how much computing time each task in it uses and decide as server hosters on our own what parts we want to include and what parts we want to leave out to protect our players from lag. (At the moment we're forced to host without anticheat protection because we have to recompile)
Why is this still closed source after so many years and even kept in secret from the community when there's no active dev around anymore?
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