Last-minute wishes for the next map format
I'm just finishing up changing the map format to version 10. So far, I've added a few things:

* free-form extensions for future additions which won't break the map format anymore - current extensions include embedded map config, undo-redo history, vantage points and various attribtes like author and description.

* three new attributes for map entities (so far only used for map models)

* attributes to change pitch and roll of map models

* changed waterlevel to allow 0.1 cube increments

Right now, I'm changing several entity attributes to use higher resolution (at the cost of reduced maximum values).

I did try adding a mechanism to control map model animation offsets to improve the looks of several identical map models near each other... however, it appears, that there is no way to fix that...

Should I look into anything else while I'm at it? Last call...
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Last-minute wishes for the next map format - by stef - 07 May 15, 05:02PM