Get yourself ready to test development versions of AC
(24 Nov 14, 11:17PM)Mr.Floppy Wrote: - I don't quite understand whether I've got the master or the next files on my system. How can I find out?

The way I understand it, GitHub for windows updates the files to be whatever branch you last hit "sync" on, instead of using separate folders for each. Pick a branch, hit sync, that's what you have. You're better off using a regular git client if you want to have separate folders for each branch. I could be completely wrong, though.

If someone's looking to compile it in Visual Studio instead of Code::Blocks for whatever reason, here are the changes I had to make to the vcpp project file to get it to compile (accessed by right-clicking the project from within VS and hitting "Properties"):

Under Configuration Properties -> General:
1. Change the output directory to be "..\..\bin_win32\"
2. Change the intermediate directory to be something you like. I chose "..\..\obj_win32\"
3. Change the target name to be "ac_client"

Under Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Advanced:
1. Set "Image has Safe Exception Handlers" to "No (/SAFESEH:NO)"

Under Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input:
1. Under "Ignore Specific Default Libraries", add "LIBCMT"

Hit build and you should be good to go. I made all these changes just to the "Debug" configuration since that was all I was going to use for testing.
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