Get yourself ready to test development versions of AC
In the near future, the network protocol of the development version of AC will become incompatible with the current release version. This happens in every development cycle (before a new version gets released) and means, that to test multiplayer functionality, one needs both a very recent (and matching) client and server - which usually both have to be compiled by yourself.


If you want to help to develop and test the next version of AC, you should get yourself a "build environment". The main parts of that are a compiler and a git client. With it, you can get the newest code versions (from the official AC repository and from any forked version) and compile and test them yourself. If you are capable of coding, you will also have everything at hand, that you need to contribute code to the project.

What you need:

* a compiler (or better, a full IDE with editor, compiler and debugger)
* some development libraries, depending on your platform
* a git client and a clone of the official AC repository (from github)

You only need a github account, if you want to contribute code directly. If you only want to help testing, you don't need to sign up on github. You certainly don't need to create a fork of AC on github unless you want to contribute a lot of code. Single commits can easily be contributed by email or IRC+filehoster.

If you need help: there should be several tutorials around somewhere from our SVN days on sourceforge. Those still apply, except that we use git (and github) now. If you need more help: asking on IRC is probably the best way. We will put together more documentation as we go (for example: what to do, once you have compiler + git client installed).

It would be nice, if the first few who set up their build environment would document the required steps and post them here...

PS: please be aware, that off-topic posts will be deleted here. We have plenty of other threads, if you just want to bitch about stuff.
PPS: I'll make a second thread to discuss the actual testing of new features - this thread is only about the setup of build environments.
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