AC Interview: Fundog
Got a good one today as we interview Fundog. What should you eat and drink during a clan match to be pro 1337? Read on.

1) Why is your name fundog?

The name comes from my website I made about dogs. And because dogs make lots of funny things, the website was named fundog. For gaming I have kept this name.
It’s great that people from all over the world are able to put their differences aside and come together to play this game which narrows the gap between us.
That’s a beautiful thing we also have with dogs. They don’t judge by origin, politic or religions, they just want have fun and a good time together.
Also in real life, I can see every day, that the dogs are bringing people together, which otherwise never would have talked with each other.

2) Why did you name your clan after your in-game name?

It’s not about a nickname, it’s the idea behind it, what “fundog” stands for. It’s a basic philosophy and i want to share this idea with the people.
I am very lucky and happy that such people exist, which see that and which does not only understand, they also live this idea in such a way. FD* is a family and we invite and bring people together, when we see that they have the same desire and thinking in terms of friendship and behavior.

3) Can you name a few favorite bands/music artists?

One of my favorite musicans and artists is Moby : look for the dogz <3
Also I like Amy McDonald very much :
Another song which i really like :

4) What other games do you currently play?

I can’t play a second game beside Assault Cube on that level. As long as Assault Cube exists, FD* will stay here. It’s the game we love, where we found us and where our friends are.

5) Have you ever played Magic the Gathering, or Yu-Gi-Oh?

I had to google it first. Thanks for making me feel old :-D When this Card Games showed up, i just finished my study and started to work. I have definitely missed a lot other things too in this time, because my focus was different at the time.

6) According to some people, FD have very strict rules on stuff such as modding skins or pickups to different colors etc. Can you give us some reasons as to why FD is rather strict on that sort of stuff?

That’s true, FD* players are not allowed to modify their game. We want have good players for their real skill by playing the game original and not because of modifications. Also the FD* players have technical support for their game (tickets and teamviewer). If there are problems we have already internally the possibility to research it, because we can compare between identical systems. That also gives us information we need, without bothering the forum.

7) Do you have any pets? If so, which kind and what are their name(s)?

I have two dogs. Chivas is 14 years old and his breed is named Karelian Bear Dog. He was named by his breeder and i did not change it. My other dog is named Banya and she is 8 years old now. Me and Chivas ware already together with her family when she was only 2 weeks old, because we had to take care of them. Her mother is a Pharaohound x Ridgeback Mix, and her father was an American Stafford.

You can see them here <3 :

8) Which food and drinks do you consume before or during a competitive Assault Cube match usually?

I like things which are handy, mostly I drink energy drinks and eat sandwiches while playing.

9) Which mouse do you use and why?

At the Moment i am playing with a Roccat Kone[+]. The Sensor is perfect and the handling of this mouse is very nice, it fits good into my hand. But i am very disappointed about the quality of the material.
After two weeks the Scroll-Wheel stopped to work and it turned out that all Customers of Roccat have the same problems (someone did not read the reviews...), same with the Keyboard, same with the Headset. I can advice you, not to buy Roccat. It's a waste of money. (beside the fact, that only the most expensive products from Roccat are able to be compared with other products)

10) What is your favorite weapon in AC and why?

The SMG is in use whenever I can, but on some maps, I feel forced to change to AR, because of the disadvantage in rifle sprinting, jumps and the spread on distance.
SMG is a very good team weapon, it can make horrible damage to the whole enemy team and if well used combined with teamplay, my mates will know what to do, after the opponent met a strong SMG player. With learning and training how to handle it also comes ability to kill opponents in skilled situations flawlessly.

11) What is your favorite mode in AC and why?

For me it is "Hunt The Flag". While Capture the flag has fixed flag positions, the flag in HTF is always in a dynamic movement. This is giving totally different opportunities to the teamplay. The teamplay becomes more complex, because the flag will get into different situations, where you as team must work on it.

12) What is your favorite official map, and favorite custom map and why?

Of course FD* is famous for their vote on Werk HTF and that’s also the map I am in love with. We mastered to play this map as team. On the other hand I also really like Iceroad, because it’s perfect in trainings for teamplay. It has longer distances than Keller as example, which allows more corrections. It also allows errors, and delay in communication (because people need to think while learning) and fixing things while playing without to stop. It’s a very good map to teach teamplay, while Keller goes a lot faster, and people must have stable basics.
Other maps like Shine, Sunset, Douze, Aqueous or Rattrap are sweet to play on public. Sadly Toxic and Arabian disappeared into the background for technical reasons.
For depot I really need to be in the mood, since it’s often played as one way map and that makes the map hard to play. To win on this map is a lot about discipline in teamplay.
Also I like if opponents pick, mines, power, outpost or urban
Then we have this kind of fast speed maps, like gothic, elevation, ingress or arid, where you need a good lineup to avoid a massacre.
Some map have sadly missing flag spawns, which are reducing them to modes which are not played in a competitive way. They are still nice to play, and should not be ignored, like scaffold, desert, snow, arctic or desert2 as an example.

13) Why is Switzerland a great country to live in?

The greatest point of Switzerland is the neutrality. Switzerland wasn’t involved in any war for the last 700 years. Of course each country his many cliche. In case of Switzerland, I like that they are all true. Swiss knife, clocks, chocolate, cheese, alps, banks. And of course not every Swiss is rich and it’s also not the same country than Sweden.

14) Will FD* be participating in any Weekend Cups soon?

As soon it gets more realistic and detailed we will decide whether to or not to participate.

15) What interests you the most in the Proving Grounds so far?

I joined the topics where I can do something active. Hopefully I will also find myself into other topics, where my knowledge can be usefull.

16) Earlier in the year, there were some hackusations by some sore losers from a couple highly competitive clans aimed at one or two FD* players. Revenge is now. Do you believe any current good/great players cheat? Which ones and why?

FD* was underestimated by the opponents. It’s part of our strategy that we have the surprise effect on our side. We spend our time to research single situations and thinking about how to master it. That’s why we train daily in so called inclan.
Every fundog is spending a lot of time on that. By every played round and reviewing the matches together as team afterward, we got stronger. We did that silently and in focus of our gameplay. This did lead to many surprised opponents which started with their rage accusations.
We had to explain ourself a lot, and also doing partially their work, by showing them the situations again, which they could do at their own, like we had to do.
But there are also some people, which obviously do not want to improve and prefer to spend their time insulting and slandering clans like ours, because they see kindness as an easy victim.
They keep being in their abusive tunnel, without seeing anything left or right, without any light at the end of it.
We have betters to do with our time. That’s why good behavior is very important for FD*, we need this time to train and improve. That’s also what a pro player defines.

17) Are you currently working on any maps? If so, have anything to say about them?

Ideas are always in my mind. In the planning, I also make sure, what kind of maps Assault Cube needs. As a next step, I am trying to find an inspiration based on a theme from real pictures, for the details and the atmosphere.
Until I am ready to start a new map I will focus on my skill in Assault Cube.

18) Which members of the AC community would you like to see take the Cinnamon Challenge and put the recording on YouTube?

No question : BENCH ! (hide)

19) Who are your 3 favorite clans, not counting your own, and why?

Every clan has parts, where they are outstanding and brilliant in it. That are also the parts every Fundog in summary learned from. I couldn’t decide which is my favorite, because every clan represent a different favorite part.
But there are also clans which have parts they are brilliant in it, which they should not be proud on it.

20) What would be your reaction if the next release of AC removed the SMG & AR?

Then the question, if we can play knife only on a full public CTF server, would make sense.
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