Servers banned from Master Server
In times of old staff there appeared some "crappy" (bad quality) maps, like EzjemVille etc. Crappy maps were played by some, the same part of players, which played almost the whole time the same a few maps. So crappy maps competed with good quality maps and started to dominate over them. This situation annoyed old valuable players, which stopped to play AC and new players didn't come, because AC wasn't already attractive.

So old devs took a decision, that servers with crappy maps in maprot should be banned in master server. In short time that brought quick growth of players amount, what was caused by increase of playing good quality maps.

Later this practise was abandoned by newer staff, what among other things caused considerable decrease of players amount to current state. So high time to return to old, proven practice and ban servers with crappy maps in maprot. That needed rules change, what happened.

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The problem is especially with these servers, which have up to several maps in maprot, where big part of them are "crappy" maps - such servers for sure will be banned. List of forbidden bad quality maps in maprot and servers threatened by banning is given in the first post - if their maprot won't be changed, they will be banned in master server.
Note: list of forbidden maps can be updated.
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