"We're not accepting registrations from your ISP/email"
Lately, it seems like many people are getting this problem. We try to help them in #assaultcube, but there's no definitive solution, and it doesn't make sense (they can't all be forum spammers!). Changing email providers sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't.

As well, I just tried registering with the exact same email ([email protected]) I used for this account, and instead of giving me a message about my email being in use, I got

Quote:Your registration has been blocked because of high amounts of spam from your IP and/or email address.

Now I may be partially guilty, but it feels like everyone is being blocked. I then tried with gmail and registration worked. However, Waffles, who has been trying to register, was still unable to after trying a gmail address. What is going on?
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"We're not accepting registrations from your ISP/email" - by Gibstick - 02 Mar 11, 02:56AM