How to make AssaultCube servers...
FULL MAC SERVER TUTORIAL (From Port Forwarding to Running)


This thread forwards ports in an Airport. Non-airport users go straight here:

Setting your static internal IP Address:
1. Go Applications->Utilites->Airport Utility->your device
2. At the top, click Internet->DHCP
3. Find "DHCP Ending Address"
4. One value greater than the value written will be your last digit of your IP address. The first three will remain the same. For example, my airport says, so my internal IP address will be set to
5. Close Airport Utility and open System Preferences
6. Go to Network and click the lock icon
7. Click "Advanced"
8. Click "TCP/IP"
9. Under "Configure IPv4," select "Using DHCP with a manual address"
10. Enter your new internal IP Address
11. Click "OK" and then "Apply"

Steps #2-4: [Image: static15.jpg]
Steps #8-10: [Image: static810.jpg]

Forwarding the Ports:
1. Open Airport Utility->your device
2. Click Advanced->Port Mapping
3. Click the "+" icon
4. Under "Public UDP Port(s):" Enter 28763-28764
5. Do the same for "Public TCP Port(s):" "Private TCP Port(s):" and "Public UDP Port(s):"
6. Enter your internal IP address under "Private IP Address:"
7. Click "Continue"
8. Enter a "Description" that will let you know what these ports are used for (i.e., "AC:28973-28764")
9. Click "Done"
10. Click "Update"

Steps #2-6: [Image: forward26.jpg]

Setting up and running the Server:
1. Go to "Step 2" of this document: follow all instructions there
2. Read the docs and wiki for more tips and tricks
3. Don't abuse it!

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