Is this forum's moderation failing?
I just wonder wonder how tolerant Undead and adam would be if ppl decided to go on oNe and KH forums and spamm and troll that crap out of them, like they constantly do it over here, ppl wouldn't last two posts (I also wonder how [email protected] takes trolling and spamm in MyS forum...), now if they ban and delete tolling from their own forums why should we find it funny hahaha they coming here to bury all the discussions with their crap? If they wanna post whatever the hell they want, they can use their forums, caus this one here is for AC related stuff, not teenage rebelion.

I'm all for ppl speaking their minds, you can disagree with everything I say, you can use harsh words, you can call me short minded or anything, if this is done within a forum discussion while we are actually debating a subject, you can rest assure that I would never delete your post or give you any warnings of any kind, but if all of the sudden you decide to just reply with crap pictures and ofensive nonsense, I'm not interested and I imagine that neither are anyone else here.

Now Boom, just take a look at this post here and tell me if this is something that should be tolerated?
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RE: Is this forum's moderation failing? - by ElCrema - 29 Sep 10, 04:36PM