We need gema on the master server

In my eyes gema is dying, the reason is that there is only one available gema server which allows cheaters and trolls, is very badly moderated  and can not be found by potential new gema players.

Some players had the idea to create custom cheat AC clients with an alternate master server as the default one, but that is not going to attract new players either.

What we really need is at least one gema server on the master server.
In my short experience of such a server existing recently I noticed that there are still new players that are interested in gema and who are willing to follow the rules, learn techniques, etc.

Thats why I want do discuss under which conditions we can get gema back to the master server.

These are the conditions that I could find in my previous thread:

1. No gameplay affecting modifcations (Like disabled damage or a "!reset" command)
This rule is met by gema servers in my opinion. Gema is basically the CTF game mode with the rule "No kills, just try to score".

2. Maprots must be varied and may not contain low quality maps and may not be locked to gema maps
This condition is met by allowing two separate maprots for example. One for the normal game and one for gema maps, players can switch between them by calling votes for specific maps in specific game modes.

3. Admins may not be offensive/abusing
Should be met by carefully selecting admins and reacting to abuse reports.

4. Rules may not be enforced by admins
This is the most difficult condition. The only solution that I see is to force the players to read and accept the rules before they are able to spawn.

5. No offensive symbols in maps
Again should be met by checking the uploaded maps and/or react to player reports.

If possible I would like to ask all people that are involved in deciding whether a server is allowed on the master server to reply to this thread or send me a pm with your thoughts about how we can find a solution for allowing gema servers on the master server again.

Best regards
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