Poll: Bring back the 'Thank You' button?
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Petition: 'Thank You' Button
And then my post is deleted.
* Orynge sighs.
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(10 Dec 12, 08:18AM)Mael Wrote:
(08 Dec 12, 08:37PM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: Most petitions I sign only have one option, "Yes" :>

It is funny when people approach you on the street and ask if you would sign in support of a cause. They never allow you to sign against the cause.

Until now. :D

@orynge: mod abuseeee

@ poll: TY button wins, do eet.
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I don't see the point of this thread , lol
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(11 Dec 12, 10:34PM)Hosta Wrote: I don't see the point of this thread , lol

"Bring back the 'Thank You' button"
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If you don't want to circlejerk, ostensibly because you can do it better yourself Mael, then don't Thank anyone.
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