The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
(9:32:03 PM) gdm: 's just smaller
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(03 Mar 11, 09:08PM)SuperSniper Wrote:
(03 Mar 11, 08:02PM)Vegetarian Wrote: Do have any idea what they do to those poor chickens.

No, but its delicious.
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(3:42:14 PM) Maj: Jam, on your period again?
(3:42:14 PM) Jam: ;D
(3:42:26 PM) Jam: Yes and my titties hurt sooooo bad
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love the fact that he tries sooo hard, but just didnt get the point of their convo.
(02 Mar 11, 12:27AM)Elven Wrote: [19:55] * ShadowFlameZ uses explosion
[19:55] * ShadowFlameZ wins
[19:55] * eQ|MaiMeeTur uses dig
[19:55] * ShadowFlameZ uses hax to stay alive
[19:55] * eQ|MaiMeeTur is protected
[19:55] <B}Ronald_Reagan> Pretty good
[19:55] <eQ|MaiMeeTur> .
[19:56] * ShadowFlameZ uses earthquake
[19:56] <Duckett> uses Nuclear bomd
[19:56] * ShadowFlameZ wins.......again
[19:56] <eQ|MaiMeeTur> That's good man
[19:56] <Duckett> uses Nuclear bomb*
[19:56] <Duckett> you all die

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[21:59] * vern takes Duckett for icecream :D
[21:59] <Duckett> YAY, wait you cheap ass bastard this is the generic brand
[21:59] <vern> lol
[22:00] <vern> win

[22:03] <Duckett> I'll take some rocky road
[22:03] * Duckett eats the generic shit anyways
[22:03] <Duckett> "Eww, this tastes like shit"(I say while reading the imgrediants
[22:03] <Duckett> "Eww, this tastes like shit"(I say while reading the imgrediants)
[22:05] <Duckett>
[22:05] <Duckett> "No wonder"
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(04 Mar 11, 01:12AM)TheCrema Wrote: muerto de hambre de los huevos!

(To Mr.Floppy)
(04 Mar 11, 12:32AM)jamz Wrote: Still, if these forums kept you happy all the time, you'd have to change your name. :P

jamz Wrote:... give it a slap every morning when you wake ...
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Biflez le!
(16:28:02)<BCFH|Brett>t'as besoin d'adie ?
(16:29:29)<Gibstick>j'ai besoin de rimes
(16:30:57)<Gibstick>que rime avec «gifle»
(16:35:53)<Gibstick>c'est quoi un bifle
(16:36:26)<BCFH|DarKnoT>une bifle :)
(16:43:39)<Francois>surtout dis pas 'bifle'
(16:45:26)<ech0>drunk drun drunk Francois :D
(16:45:29)<Francois>en fait c'est comme si tu mettai une claque
(16:45:37)<ech0>bifle !
(16:45:43)<Francois>mais avec ton chibre
(16:50:10)<Francois>you asked for a ryme
(16:50:13)<Francois>in ifle
(16:50:17)<Francois>I came on ts
(16:50:21)<Francois>they say what :
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Lightning Wrote:RE: Unwritten Rules of Assault Cube
143) ---------------

EDIT: Rule removed, because it would be no longer unwritten.
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ShadowFlameZ>    hey jamz
    <ShadowFlameZ>    GG
    <jamz>    :)
    <jamz>    It hurt my head - concentrating
    <ShadowFlameZ>    haha
    <jamz>    I must have been playing hard because I barely touched my whiskey
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Quote:<vern> D:
<unarmed> what that???
<vern> D drive
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(05 Mar 11, 11:57AM)YourSister Wrote: 146) DON'T POST THE CLANMATCH IF U LOSE, OR YOUR CLAN WILL KIK U

someone sounds bitter...
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Ron White

"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then find someone that life have given them Vodka, and have a party."
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<B}Ronald_Reagan>    btw
<B}Ronald_Reagan>    n00b Orynge:
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later in the conversation:
[10:48pm] • B}Ronald_Reagan withholds the information making it seem okay.
[10:48pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: XD
[10:48pm] Dra|KH|uLa: EVERYONE SHALL LOL
[10:49pm] B}Ronald_Reagan:
[10:49pm] B}Ronald_Reagan: :P
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._. <- DERP FAIS

Anyway, at the Xu IRC channel:
- Joined: mib_xpqauh
<mib_xpqauh> hi
- Joined: kchub
<kchub> mib
<kchub> whoa re u
- ChanServ changed mode: +o kchub
<kchub> mibibibibib
<mib_xpqauh> i wanna join
<mib_xpqauh> ur clan
<kchub> who are u
<Foo> mib_xpqauh
<Foo> you've made a convincing argument
- mib_xpqauh has quit IRC: Quit: ajax IRC Client
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[20:32] <+JoeSmith> fate i just had a day dream about you
[20:32] <@Fate> wat
[20:32] <@Fate> nothing gay happened?
[20:32] <@Fate> if so. im fine
[20:34] <+JoeSmith> fate it was you rubbing my feet and ..... i wont finish the rest i said to stop but you insisted
[20:34] <@Fate> wat
[20:34] <@Fate> WAT
[20:34] <@Fate> WTF FETISH
[20:34] <+kchub> LMAO
[20:34] <@Fate> holy sh*t
[20:34] <@Fate> WHAT
[20:34] <@Darkside_> ;D <3
[20:34] <+JoeSmith> lol
[20:34] <+JoeSmith> fate its all about the love
[20:41] <@DES|Freddo> Fate do you guys have AR training sessions?
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Quote:[22:15] <Castiel> She goes in
[22:15] <Castiel> wed 10-1
[22:15] <Castiel> thurs 9-4
[22:15] <Castiel> fri 9-4
[22:16] <kchub> effff
[22:16] <Castiel> I dunno all her subjects but I know she's doing accounting and eco
[22:16] <kchub> everyone doing business if 12hrs spread over 3 days
[22:16] <kchub> im doing it over 4 days
[22:16] <kchub> fml
[22:16] <Castiel> XD
[22:16] <kchub> but
[22:16] <kchub> on thursday and friday
[22:16] <kchub> ill probably see her
[22:16] <Castiel> Yeh
[22:16] <Castiel> I think i'm seeing her next week
[22:16] <Castiel> On her/my day off
[22:17] <Vermi> 10 ratio on wednesday?
[22:17] <Castiel> XD
[22:17] <Castiel> I love you vermi
[22:17] <Castiel> So hard
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Quote:[22:48] <@Brahma> well.... i expect someday to open 3 different business:
[22:48] <@DES|Bukz> XD
[22:48] <@Brahma> a school, a bar and a stripper house
[22:48] <@DES|Bukz> I'll take the last two plz
[22:48] <Lantry> any reason for those in particular?
[22:49] <@Brahma> it will call them all: "zero evasion"
[22:49] <VenteX> Don't get them mixed up.
[22:49] <@Brahma> because if the kids are not in school
[22:49] <@Brahma> ]:->
[22:49] <Lantry> ahhhh i get it
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Quote:<Duckett|Dog>: I hate sauer
<ShadowZ>: Lol
<Duckett|Dog>: too fast
<Duckett|Dog>: like everyone's speed hacking

Quote:<Duckett|Dog>: I have Feng on my skype
<Duckett|Dog>: was just talking to him
<Castiel>: Cool
<Duckett|Dog>: said Orynge was the worst douche ever
<Duckett|Dog>: I'm like
<Duckett|Dog>: wtf have you been smoking
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Aaron Lewis

"A war is known to change a man, and the whiskey's known to change a man..."
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(10 Mar 11, 05:42PM)Jack Wrote: I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO.
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(11 Mar 11, 07:41AM)V-Man Wrote:
(10 Mar 11, 05:42PM)Jack Wrote: I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO.


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(12 Mar 11, 02:49AM)jamz Wrote: Maybe V-Man has decided he doesn't need to post in every thr...haaaaaaaaahahahaha. HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
*wipes tear away

good one jamz. I'm impressed, you almost managed to say it without laughing XD
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(12 Mar 11, 09:09PM)V-Man Wrote:
(12 Mar 11, 03:23AM)Cemer Wrote:
*Also shits a brick, and lifts that up too*

You've been doing that a lot lately!
* V-Man hands Cemer some laxatives
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(12 Mar 11, 01:04PM)LL|I_LOVE_LINUX Wrote: I am having a problem in AC
AssaultCube error (11) (Couldn't open packages/maps/official/preview/maps/Brutus-Mini-gema-2..jpg)
(13 Mar 11, 05:19PM)tempest Wrote: It's the super-secret hidden weapon against gemas :D

(13 Mar 11, 11:33PM)Gibstick Wrote:
(13 Mar 11, 05:58PM)Brahma Wrote: In soviet Australia, Australian is spelled Austalin.

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(14 Mar 11, 11:06AM)MCS Wrote: It's probably Tyd's fault again

(14 Mar 11, 06:03PM)SKB Wrote: sure thing, TyD WHY U DO IT :<

(14 Mar 11, 06:07PM)ShieldyBear Wrote: FFS TyD! :(

(17 Mar 11, 09:17PM)V-Man Wrote: Would it be inappropriate to put posts from this section of the forum in the AC quotes thread? XD

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LOL Gibby.

RE: Favorite Clan
(17 Mar 11, 12:03PM)jamz Wrote: [BOPE]

(16 Mar 11, 07:14PM)flowtron Wrote: my guess is that brutus map is the knife that's killing caesar there.
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Quote:<DES|Bukz_> int he world?
<DES|Bukz_> almost declared a var
<DES|Bukz_> on IRC
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Quote:<JoeSmith> Let me know if you notice any dif. ( it may be hard )
<GDM> No worries. I like it when it's hard.

Quote:<Fate> ...and since you need to buy some of these, that's joe's job. :L
<JoeSmith> haha oo man soo funny lol
<Darkside> I lol'd
<Fate> hahaha joe xD
<Fate> but srsly.... you're the only one around here that I know of that has a pretty decent source of income. :P
<GDM> Hey Joe, I need you to pay off some of my grocery expenses. Oh yeah, and I have a Playboy subscription too - I'll send you the bill. kthx.

RE: Calling Atrimos!!
MorganKell Wrote:I seen you're back. Don't be enticed by M|A. They're sexy, but nowhere near as sexually chocolate as |KH|! Join |KH|! Pretty Pretty Please, I'll go sober for life if you do! :D
Undead Wrote:selling oNe invites $19.99 via paypal or western union.
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RE: Calling Atrimos!!

(19 Mar 11, 03:14PM)Fate Wrote: LOL! at Undead :L

And're actually gonna go sober..? O_O

Anyways, MK is this your bedroom?
[Image: qyltvoah.f5f.jpg]

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