Gibstick, MusicMan10 and Ronald_Reagan's app (CubeCalc)
I just browsing through sourceforge and found this. I used it and I think it's great, but I just wanted to make sure if it is up to date with the new armor of 1.0.3

EDIT: Sorry RR, I forgot your name in the title x)
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Fixed title, but where is link! And yes, it is up to date with armour.
Mac ver. may not be up to date but the source is.
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It is?
Mac binaries are soon to come. (old ones are only for
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What is it?
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* Ronald_Reagan sigh
This may be a good time to pull a shameless plug on SGOC.
But, I'll let one of the others do it.

Edit; Mac Binarys! I do have to figure out why it is significantly bigger than the last release. (Bigger in the matter of kB)
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