Enough is enough.
It is time now to control our servers I think.

Time to eradicate servers that have no admins

Its hell out there in some of the servers and trolls know what servers to get into as they know there is no admin.

Sooooooooooooo this is the deal. Vote with me on this issue..

1 psy server goes.

2  Global admins need to be advocated NOW

3 All servers will be deleted from the list if they do not comply

I see it easy as this. If a server does not allow global admin then adios
There are enough of us decent players to be Global admins .

Time to rethink how you want the game run really

I can supply a  list of admins anytime. People who play everyday and care about AC

Will the devs and viper listen IDK
lets face it it looks silly all them servers unused anyway. so lets begin where we mean to ..........

I know I am radical ........... I am pest in AC but hey atleast I am here.

I will expect a proper answer on this...... from devs that exist atm
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(09 Apr 17, 12:17AM)vector Wrote: It is time now to control our servers I think.
Time to eradicate servers that have no admins
Nothing new here. "Just stop play in this servers."

Yeah... This is the default answer. But never solved anything.
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I agree get rid of PsY servers. Not just lack of admin. I don't know what it is about this server. I thought we had gotten past the drop shot thing but I still have it constantly happen on psy servers.
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Tell PSY their server is bad and get instablacklisted lol
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jesus so there only us here now.............. lol

worrying that hey

cant I just Buy Ac and share it with people
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worries me lots the list of non used servers.............. seems we do not learn.
Casts my mind back to a hundred years ago when I was programming and I needed info on an interupt for perhaps a mouse procedure......... and in truth it did not make sense to me at the time. But I could download a procedure from norway from salami............ a well known at that time programmer. Infact it was a half hour phonecall to bloody norway costing me like a weeks wages..............sighs. Today its easy. So many servers.................... if only then hey !!!

And this is where we are now.................lots of servers............all costing AC lots.
Ac has a duty atm to look elite and proud we are not Sauer with hundreds of empty servers ....... well we are really. But lets change it. I get pissed off really Ac is perhaps the only free ...... True interactive game around. We are bogged down at the moment we all need to talk maybe at what needs to happen. This is not a Dev issue. Personally I dont give a hoot about Devs as you know. But the game I care for.

what I really mean is this............. if you lot at the top do not want to do anything about the game then let us do it for you. ......... hand over the game to us players and server owners.
Sorry but it needed to be said. I know devs spend a lifetime at the keys..........but so do server owners and players so we all have a say .............at the end of the day ......if a player does not click on a mouse or key you can have as many devs as you want heyo. So lets talk and forget who is who in this game atm.
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I am thinking lots about this.... We have the skills and money to keep this game alive.
But at what virtue when we are all at ends .
I say this . I will not give up my fight for this game , never. never never.

But also I will say this.
There are server owners who have kept this game alive. They should be appreciated more. ref iggs and for3v3r. They should have more say than anyone in my opinion.

As for other servers Idk they are bespoke. shads server is what it is for us loyals to play on etc.
But I do want the list of unused servers over 7 days not listed. It looks in english,japanese whatever "SHIT"

Come to the table share beer with us players and server owners.
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Yeah sadly PSY servers are so laggy :(
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